The Dairymaid HR is a dynamic, efficient team that is driven to create an atmosphere that fosters high engagement, personal accountability, development & growth, a safe working environment for our diverse and competent workforce. Providing solutions to workplace issues that support and optimize our business performance.


Dairymaid Marketers are passionate about branding and driven to provide a real change in our society with consumer needs and environmental sustainability being at the core of our growth agenda. Our purpose is to put smiles on the faces of all our consumers through a wide variety of good quality products.


Dairymaid R&D team and product technologists continuously seek to deliver innovative products driven through key consumer insights and flavour trends to create quality products with responsible nutrition being at the core of our agenda.


Passionate about putting smiles on South African’s faces through selling 1 Ice Cream at a time. We work with integrity with all our customers in delivering our business vision to be the Best Ice Cream company.


Dairymaid Operations Team continuously seek to deliver quality products throughout the entire supply chain to provide a consistent ice cream eating experience. We pride ourselves on putting our people first & having a safety conscious mindset. Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement are central to our daily operation in pursuit of waste reduction and positive impact on the environment.

Supply Chain

Dairymaid Supply Chain are responsible for ensuring our products are available at our consumer’s fingertips, wherever they may be. We do this through the sustainable sourcing of our raw and packaging ingredients, planning product availability through the factory in the most efficient way, and moving our ice cream to you in a deeply frozen state so you can enjoy it in its perfect condition.


The Dairymaid Finance team is results orientated team. Our small dynamic team is focused on Working capital and Cash driving excellence in all areas of our finance business functions.