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Let us take you to a world of joy filled with endless summers and fun. Reconnect with your inner child with a variety of magical Dairymaid Ice cream flavours where every bite is guaranteed to get you smiling from ear to ear.

Made with pride, care and only the finest quality ingredients, no matter which flavour you choose no other ice cream inspires more smiles.

Dairymaid Ice Cream

The Smile Maker.


Our Purpose

To become the best ice cream company in Southern Africa for all consumers, customers, and employees.

Our Goal

To grow our business through good quality brands and own label products, bringing excitement to our consumers and customers.

For more information on our values, see below.



Consumer Focused

Consumer Focussed

Passion for Consumers and Customers

Our consumers and customers are the heart of our business.

  • We deliver consumer and customer satisfaction through a full appreciation of their needs.
  • We make decisions with the consumer in mind.
  • We provide consumers with the best experience through all our ice cream offers.


Passion for People

We believe that we can only deliver superior business results with the right people working together.

  • We respect and embrace diversity.
  • We actively listen to different opinions.
  • We promote team spirit and make decisions based on what is best for the business.


Passion for Ownership

We do what we say we will do taking responsibility for our actions.

  • We deliver on our commitments.
  • We address issues directly and openly.
  • We use initiative and judgement to make fast decisions that add value.


Passion for Results

We are passionate about growing value in our business.

  • We recognise high performance.
  • We challenge each other to deliver better results.
  • We keep it simple.


Passion for Improvement

We find new ways to improve our business and always learn from our mistakes.

  • We actively challenge the status quo.
  • We lead and inspire our people to achieve excellence.
  • We treat the business as if it were our own, focussing on what is important.


Passion for Excellence

We strive to be the best at everything we do.

  • We adopt a right first-time approach.
  • We fight complacency everywhere.
  • We constantly pursue perfection.